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What is a Cowgirl Untamed? A cowgirl untamed is complex gal, but she knows who she is, where she's been and where she's going. She goes through life not giving a rip about societies shortsighted definitions of who a woman is and how she is suppose to act. She works hard, and plays harder. Her attitude is go big or go home! When she walks into the room, she's noticed: her clothing, her jewelry, her personality, and / or her slightly wonky ways. She'll be in bed early enough to get up the next morning for work at the factory or office or on the ranch. She doesn't take any crap, is fearless in life, and rides her horse like she stole it. She dances like nobody is watching. She believes in God, her horse, her family, her country, and most importantly herself. She is who we are or want to be, because she knows how to live life to its fullest. Her great, great grandchildren will still be talking about her. She's a legend in the making.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Rustic Glam Christmas Decorating Theme for 2011

Every Christmas, since my children were small, I have had a theme for Christmas. ANd every year the children help select this theme, with some guidance from me of course. This year, my oldest lives in another state with her own family, but still wanted to have a say in what the theme of our Christmas was going to be this year. My youngest, and the last living in the nest, was ok with that, but felt her say was the only one that counted. Well, the truth is, my say is the one that counts. This year, even with money being tight, I decided we were to go with a new theme - Rustic Glam. At the time, I had no idea that my idea was not innovative. In fact, many other households had also decided that their homes were going to be decorated with in Rustc Glam as well.

I suppose the design is an indocation of American womens love for the glam but the realization that times are tough and we need to be somewhat practical. The design is great as it can combine homemade items, vintage items, and the current fashion trend of crystals and feathers without having to spend a boat load of money.

First manner of business was to hike up to the barn to check out what I already had. Well, amongst the dozens of plastic bins, I managed to find a wide assortment of possibilities. I realized I needed to narrow it down. I decided on red, silver, white, crystals, snowmen and santas. So, all my sprigs and ribbons and greenery that fell into those categories got pulled to bring down to the house with the other items on the list. Then I emptied the bins. Two bins remained in the house for me to put items in that I decided not to use. A plastic bag was brought in for items that were broken or too old to use anymore. A smaller box was for items that I needed to repair.

Once I had assesses what I had that I wanted to use, I made a list of what I thought I needed and a few items I simply wanted. Then the real fun began - the hunt. Because of our jewelry and accessory business I have great contacts and experience on where to find items that can be recycled or repurposed from one thing into something sompletely different and absolutely beautiful.

For example, yard sales and antique shops are a great place to find potential ornaments. Old chandelier crystals are great christmas ornaments. The bigger the better! You can add a bow, feathers, or trim and a hook and a simple chandelier crystal is now a gorgeous ornament.  Wood letters that spell out "JOY" or "PEACE" or are the first letters of your childrens names can be painted and then sprinkled with glittered. Make it a family art project and let your children do the work. Add a picture eyehook and a Christmas hook and you have a Christmas ornament. Often old jewelry can become ornaments. If you remove part of the earring that goes in your ear (the post or french wire), there is a loop, put the christmas hook in it and now its an ornament.

The Rustic Glam look shouldn't just be on the tree. You should carry the theme to other areas of the house. I used my color theme in all the rooms in the fron of the house as much as I could. The pillows and throws on the couch that didn't fit the color scheme, I put away and replaced with ones that did when I could. I used some from other rooms, and a few I purchase at discount stores, yard sales (we live in a warm climate where yard sales go on year round) EBay and on Etsy.com. Some I made myself if they weren't too complicated. When purchasing new items, I tried to buy items that fit the color scheme but ones that I could use in other seasons. For example, I has seen some burlap table runners that I fell in love with but were out of my price range. So, I bought some red burlap for under $5. Then, instead of buying Christmas fabric, I bought red toile. I sewed the red toile with a ruffle on each end of the burlap, and used some hot glue as well - I only hand sew - to make it easier. My runner looks fantastic! I paid under $10 for it, and I can use it year round, as red is a color I have throughout the interiour of my house year round. Another item I saw and wanted was a pinecone garland, but didn't want to buy one.  So, I bought one of those bags of cinnamon smelling pinecones at the grocery store. I had a long white ribbon from a previous years Christmas decoration and some ornament hooks. I attached the pinecones to the ribbon with the Christmas hooks about every 3" - 4" apart, and hung it from the fireplace. Then I added pinecones randomly on the mantel. So pretty!

You should carry your theme to the front of the house, too. This lets your guests know what to expect when they enter your house.  Even if it's just a beautiful wreath on your front door. I made mine with a grapevine wreath, burlap ribbon, feathers and items I already had. I used a mini cowboy hat I bought for $.99 and my daughter's TY snowman to make a snowman cowboy. I used old mini wrapped presents I had saved from last years floral arrangements,  and greenery I already had.  To add to my western theme I bought a standing 3' stuffed Santa from KMart. I added an old Cowboy hat I had and some turquoise beads. Now, my guests are greeted by a Cowboy Santa! They love it!

Have fun with your decorating. Let your kids, little or big, help you. Have a girlfriend ornament decorating party! Make a list and check it twice.  But most of all, don't over do it and have fun!

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