What is a Cowgirl Untamed?

What is a Cowgirl Untamed? A cowgirl untamed is complex gal, but she knows who she is, where she's been and where she's going. She goes through life not giving a rip about societies shortsighted definitions of who a woman is and how she is suppose to act. She works hard, and plays harder. Her attitude is go big or go home! When she walks into the room, she's noticed: her clothing, her jewelry, her personality, and / or her slightly wonky ways. She'll be in bed early enough to get up the next morning for work at the factory or office or on the ranch. She doesn't take any crap, is fearless in life, and rides her horse like she stole it. She dances like nobody is watching. She believes in God, her horse, her family, her country, and most importantly herself. She is who we are or want to be, because she knows how to live life to its fullest. Her great, great grandchildren will still be talking about her. She's a legend in the making.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Vibrant Colors of the Peacock

Peacock colors in fashion and in interior design bring vibrancy, and feel unexpected this time of year. You can make a bold statement by mixing it with gray or ivory, or ground it with black or brown. When used as an accent, it can liven up your room or outfit for very little money. Or you can go all out and give your outfit or room a jewel-like quality that stands out from the crowd and, if done correctly, is in great taste.  Peacock colored jewelry goes with any complexion, and warms up the face and eyes. Blues and greens gor beautifully together, and they don't have to match. For example, instead of wearing turquoise with black, try turquoise and teal. Used with metallics, silver tones bring out the cool undertones and gold brings out the warmer undertones. Blue, green and grey work great with burgandy, mustard, autmnal colors, whites and creams, chartreuse, and almost any color.

Another great idea is to have a party in the peacock colors. Recently, my daughter and son-in-law had their wedding in peacock colors. Peaacock feathers were added to their centerpieces, and as a decoration on their napkins. The bridal table had peacock feather placemats, and peacocks made of lavender as table decorations. They also had peacock feather decorated wine glasses and candles from Z Gallerie. It was done tastefully, and was very elegant. But you could do something similar for a wine party or dinner party.

The blue, green and turquoise colors in the peacock are fantastic for western design and fashion. So, the fact the well known modern day designers in the fashion and design worlds are using these colors, opens their world to us in the western world more. We can now incorporate items that have a western "feel" because of the color, but don't have to be a horseshoe, strictly southwestern or have a cowboy or horse on it. We can blend our decor and fashion sense.

If you haven't added some of the peacock colors to your fashion or home decor, step out of your comfort zone and try it out. But my guess is that you already have with turquoise. Everyone looks good in turquoise, but if you just don't like it try teal or aqua or green in a different gemstone like jasper for that similar western peacock color look. Try it with crystals for a more blinged out look.

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