What is a Cowgirl Untamed?

What is a Cowgirl Untamed? A cowgirl untamed is complex gal, but she knows who she is, where she's been and where she's going. She goes through life not giving a rip about societies shortsighted definitions of who a woman is and how she is suppose to act. She works hard, and plays harder. Her attitude is go big or go home! When she walks into the room, she's noticed: her clothing, her jewelry, her personality, and / or her slightly wonky ways. She'll be in bed early enough to get up the next morning for work at the factory or office or on the ranch. She doesn't take any crap, is fearless in life, and rides her horse like she stole it. She dances like nobody is watching. She believes in God, her horse, her family, her country, and most importantly herself. She is who we are or want to be, because she knows how to live life to its fullest. Her great, great grandchildren will still be talking about her. She's a legend in the making.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Newbie's Guide to Cowgirl Boots

Well, it maybe that it symbolizes the wild west and the cowboy. And boy, do we love them cowboys! The image of a cowboy riding a horse, herding cattle, and going into town after a cattle drive is ubiquitous of the American West. We like him in books, movies, and television programs. Part of the mystique about the cowboy is the clothing and equipment that he wears. The cowboy hat, cowboy boots, chaps, and gun belt, among others, lend a colorful and fascinating atmosphere. All of these accoutrements were not only chosen to be colorful, but also had multiple practical uses. Of these, the most popular item now is cowboy boots or western boots. Cowboy boots had high slanted heels made to keep feet in the stirrups and high thick leather shaft to prevent brush and thorns from tearing the legs while they rode. Holes or straps helped in pulling the boots on in the morning and stitching on the shaft strengthened and decorated the boot.

Cowgirl boots are popular now for several reasons. They have been "in fashion" for several years in the mainstream. But have been in fashion in the western world since the west was won.  Many people just like the look of them. They are quite sturdy if the right boots are chosen. Leather uppers wear well and are very long-lasting, while the soles and heels can be replaced if necessary.

The other reason cowboy boots are popular is their comfort. A well-fitted pair of boots is very comfortable. They take 2 or 3 days to break in properly, but once they are broken in to your foot, they feel great. At COWGIRLS UNTAMED many of us have been known to buy "preowned" cowgirl boots as they've already been worn in. In the summer, cowgirl boot mules with thei open back can be a more comfortable choice, but COWGIRLS UNTAMED folk wear their cowgirl boots all the time no matter the weaher.  For a 20 mile hike, there are better boots, but a good pair of western boots with synthetic soles will do a decent job even there!

COWGIRLS UNTAMED always recommends that you consider the use when purchasing your boots. If you are going to be wearing them everyday, buy the best you can afford and stick to genuine leather. However, if you are going to be wearing them just for dancin' occassionally, then buy what you can afford.

The type of sole and heel should be carefully considered before purchasing cowboy boots. Leather soles are great for horseback riding and will work for dancing. If much walking will be necessary or physical work done that does not involve riding, consider a good synthetic sole with tread. It will last much longer and be less slippery than leather. The desired height of the boot should be determined. They come in the standard cowboy boot height, which is approximately knee height, and in the roper style, which is around 10” high. For most people, the roper will be the best choice. Different types of leather are available. Cowhide is the cheapest and the price will go up exponentially depending on the type of leather preferred. You can get goatskin, snake skin, alligator, and a range of other skin types. Boots are available in many different colors, styles, and stitchings, especially in women’s boots.

COWGIRLS UNTAMED recommends buying boots without ties if buying boots for riding horses, and buying boots 1 size larger than you normally would wear. The reason for this are SAFETY. If you should fall off your horse and your boot gets stuck in the stirrup, let your boot get stuck and your foot fall out. You don't want to be stuck in your boot!!

There are many locations to buy cowgirl boots. For a great deal, ofcourse, we recommend visiting us at www.cowgirlsuntamed.com or visiting us on COWGIRLS UNTAMED FACEBOOK site where we post specials we hear about from our various vendors. You can GREAT deals on boots, clothing, accessories and one-of-a-kind jewelry from COWGIRLS UNTAMED!! We sell retail and wholesale. Call 951-310-7125 for Michael the owner or email us at cowgirlsuntamed.jewelry@yahoo.com.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Event Posting!

Please join us at the Cowgirl Christmas in San Louis Obisbo Please note this is a new location! Cowgirl Christmas has moved to
The Trinity Hall/Portuguese Holy Spirit Society Building, 6565 Edna Road, San Luis Obispo, California 93401, located at the Intersection of Highway 227(Broad Street) and Price Canyon.   Saturday, November 24th 10am-5pm. Over 60 Western Vendors in 1 place. Now booking vendors and sponsors for this great family event. Contact Kimber Black #805)260-6529 for applications.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Corsets are IN STYLE!!!!


Corsets are not just for the bedroom and costumes. Corsets are part of our cultural history. It is probably the most controversial garment in the entire history of fashion.  We've been wearing them from the late Renaissance until now. As crazy as it may seem, for 400 years it was an essential fashion garment, even though it often had a reputation as "an instrument of torture". The construction of the corset has changed over the centuries from a metal cage to a fabric garment with boning made of plastic, bone or metal. Today's corset is a lot more comfortable, and is often worn as a "top" versus a "bra" or undergarment.
CORSET - Moulin Rouge Purple Victorian Sequins Satin Lace up Corset BustierCORSET - Moulin Rouge Victorian Black and Pink Gothic Corset BustierCORSET - Rocker Pinup Black Stretchy Diva Owl & Bird Tattoo Corset with Red Crystals Lace and Hook N Eye ClosureCORSET - KELLY GREEN or FUCHSIA or BLUE & Gold Brocade Satin Corset Bustier with Black Ruffles Lace Up Back and  Garter Suspenders FREE Thong G String

They have been worn in a variety of fashion sets: Marie Antoinette, The Wild West, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift and The Pistol Annie’s.

They come in a variety of materials: leather, faux leather, satin, brocade, denim, patent leather, spandex and more. There are different styles: overbust or underbust (usually worn over a shirt or tee), halter, single shoulder strap, strapless or with straps, front or side zipper, hook and eye or metal slide with lace up back. You can find them in different designs & with a variety of embellishments, as well: Moulin Rouge burlesque, Victorian, Steampunk, sequins, bows, rhinestones, tattoos, denim floral, denim tie dye, lace, chiffon ruffles, and so, so, so much more..

Corsets look great with a short or long skirt, or a pair of jeans. You can wear them with bare shoulders, or cover your shoulders up. To cover your shoulders, a shrug or bolero or cropped jacket is a great choice. Other options are: a long sleeve shirt, a short sleeve top, a lace shirt, a shawl or an appropriate season jacket.

Any age (personally I wouldn't want my young teen or my grandmother wearing these, but that's me) and any style can try this trend. At Cowgirls Untamed we sell many corsets in many styles and sizes. I watch the face of the person I help trying on a corset go from uncertainty and nervousness to happily satisfied with herself as she watches her figure smooth into beautiful female curves and her busts shape, form and lift.

So, take a peek at Cowgirls Untamed's DISCOUNTED corset selection. If you find one you love, but we don't have your size contact us. We'll ask our vendor if we can get it for you. Our size range goes from Small to 6XL. There's a corset for just about EVERY SIZE out there. Try one, I think you'll be pleasantly pleased. Go to www.cowgirlsuntamed.com to find the corset that's perfect for you.
www.cowgirlsuntamed.com www.cowgirlsuntamed.com

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Randsburg "Old West Days"

Hello Cowgirls and Cowboys, we just returned from the Randsburg Old West Days and boy did we have a blast...so to speak. We are members of the reenactors group called "The Ghostriders Outlaw Gang" and we specialize in gun fights from the old west. We had been invited again for the 5th year to take part in the towns annual Old West Days, but this year we had another invation.We were asked to take part in a historical documentary and we all became extra's in a film about the ghost town and it's history. That was a blast as well.  We had a fantastic four days with plenty of gun fights, saloon hussies, lawmen and plain old town folk...not to mention some ghostly encounters along the way. Thanks to all the Randsburg town folk for making us feel at home and to the other reenactors for all your help.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

We are very excited. We have just opened our new web page at www.cowgirlsuntamed.com and invite all of you to visit us at the end of the week. It's new, so we are just getting things started.

See you soo!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Vibrant Colors of the Peacock

Peacock colors in fashion and in interior design bring vibrancy, and feel unexpected this time of year. You can make a bold statement by mixing it with gray or ivory, or ground it with black or brown. When used as an accent, it can liven up your room or outfit for very little money. Or you can go all out and give your outfit or room a jewel-like quality that stands out from the crowd and, if done correctly, is in great taste.  Peacock colored jewelry goes with any complexion, and warms up the face and eyes. Blues and greens gor beautifully together, and they don't have to match. For example, instead of wearing turquoise with black, try turquoise and teal. Used with metallics, silver tones bring out the cool undertones and gold brings out the warmer undertones. Blue, green and grey work great with burgandy, mustard, autmnal colors, whites and creams, chartreuse, and almost any color.

Another great idea is to have a party in the peacock colors. Recently, my daughter and son-in-law had their wedding in peacock colors. Peaacock feathers were added to their centerpieces, and as a decoration on their napkins. The bridal table had peacock feather placemats, and peacocks made of lavender as table decorations. They also had peacock feather decorated wine glasses and candles from Z Gallerie. It was done tastefully, and was very elegant. But you could do something similar for a wine party or dinner party.

The blue, green and turquoise colors in the peacock are fantastic for western design and fashion. So, the fact the well known modern day designers in the fashion and design worlds are using these colors, opens their world to us in the western world more. We can now incorporate items that have a western "feel" because of the color, but don't have to be a horseshoe, strictly southwestern or have a cowboy or horse on it. We can blend our decor and fashion sense.

If you haven't added some of the peacock colors to your fashion or home decor, step out of your comfort zone and try it out. But my guess is that you already have with turquoise. Everyone looks good in turquoise, but if you just don't like it try teal or aqua or green in a different gemstone like jasper for that similar western peacock color look. Try it with crystals for a more blinged out look.

Check out Cowgirls Untamed jewelry, accessories and home decor line at: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CowgirlsUntamed. We never make anything twice, so everything is one-of-a-kind and unique. The Cowgirls Untamed line of jewelry, accessories and home decor has been described by others as "incredible", "fabulous" , "lively", "lovely", "beautiful", " super cute" and "great stuff!" I'm sure you will find something that you will also love.